My wife ordered a dress and provided her measurements, ordering the dress 2 sizes larger than her known size.The dress arrived 2 sizes smaller than her true size and there was no label or sizing on the dress and no packing slip or invoice to indicate this.

We tried to get an exchange via their horrible customer service dept and we kept gettign the runaround and all kinds of delay tactics. Can you believe they asked us to provide "evidence" that the dress didn't fit by having my wife squeeze into it the best she could and then take pictures to send to them instead of just exchanging the product like any reputable website would. My wife would not humiliate herself that way and the company refuses to exchange the product or provide a refund. They told her to take it to a professional tailor and "Have a nice time".

How incredibly rude. The dress is cheap and very poorly made, not like the picture on their website and I suspect it is a knockoff forgery. I am disputing the charges with my credit card company. We would have used American Express to buy this as the site shows the icon for this card but they really do not accept Amex cards, probably because Amex likely shut them off due to countless customer complaints.

Avoid this site if you value your hard earned money because you will get ripped off by Fishinthesky.com.They should be renamed Rottenfishinthegarbage.com A bunch of crooks who should be shut down for good.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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