Dress was finally received which took 24 days - (this is not considered rush when paying an extra $9.99). The dress received was the wrong dress. The dress received does not reflect the picture/item being sold with neck or neck crystal design, the material design of the top is not the same, the picture shows a tulle/silk patterned designed enhanced with beaded jewels the waistband shows a smooth and straight sowed piece connecting the top and the bottom of the dress and the fabric making the bottom of the dress is show as tulle which is laying neatly with a well-defined and finished bottom edge.

We did not received anything like this at all or anything like the picture and material described.

We received a dress with a solid netting, not tulle, the top with no fabric patterns and the beaded pattern is completely different. The bra insert is clearly visible through the dress and looks horrible. The waist band is a loose silk-like material with non-straight sowing joining the bottom of the dress. Netting instead of Tulle is used for the bottom of the dress. If this is in fact tulle, it is of extremely bad quality. It is gathered way too much and the netting is very very stiff; both of these result in the bottom of the dress to stick out and not lay neatly as pictured (we are well versed on these dresses and have had plenty of dresses made of this material and very much know the quality difference. We have been doing pageants for over 12 years and know quality as well as the difference between tulle and netting. The bottom edge of the dress is ragged and very unprofessional looking. It does not have a defined ending edge and look to have been roughly trimmed with scissors and not to the quality of what is pictured.

The overall quality of the dress is equivalent to one I could have found in a department store for $60 to $70 dollars and they charged three times that amount. The quality is not there to support this amount!

The quality of the material used is horrible and the dress LOOKS HORRIBLE! It CANNOT be used and the worst of all because it came late there is only one day to find a new dress. I called two times wondering why the dress was not received yet as I paid extra for a rush order. I did not purchase a “look-a-like” or request you to make something similar to what was displayed in the picture, I ORDERED WHAT YOU PICTURED AND WHAT YOU ARE SELLING! Nowhere in your product description does it state I was ordering and going to get a dress that might look a little like the picture but not that actual dress. It is being shown as sold as shown!!!

If they cannot deliver the item you are showing and selling, they need not to show a picture and just give a general description. Do not show a picture when you are incapable of reproducing the product.

Bottom line they made and sent the wrong dress. I Did Not receive what I ordered and I Did Not receive what they showed. I am unable to use this dress, it looks horrible and the quality is horrible and does not reflect what is portrayed by the founder of the company, Charlotte Wong who wants to deliver quality products.

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They offered me $10 and to please keep the dress.Looks beautiful.

The dress would have to be cut off to tea length to use at all and would still require more alterations.

Costly mistake.Avoid AMAZONPROM at all costs.

West Columbia, South Carolina, United States #964102

They offered me $10 and to please keep the dress.Looks beautiful.

The dress would have to be cut off to tea length to use at all and would stjll require more alterations.Most expensive oiece if b gsrbsge I've ever bought.

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